Galiakot Urs Mubarak

Start Date                                  End Date
28 Oct 2019                                 28 Oct 2019

The Urs at Galiyakot is held in extraordinary regard by a group of Ismaili Shia Muslims known as Dawoodi Bohras in Galiyakot. It is a little town which lies at the banks of stream Mahi and is situated in Tehsil Sagwara of District Dungarpur of Rajasthan. It is situated around 160 km from Udaipur.

This reasonable is a yearly undertaking and it is praised each year on the 27th  day of the first month of the Muslim Calendar, that is, Moharram. The enthusiasts visit the tomb of their holy person which is lit up with lights and is adorned with blooms before the start of the functions.

The aficionados offer consolidated supplications, make their desires, which they call as “mannat”, appreciate the religious melodic program performed by proficient Qawwals, appreciate the lunch sorted out by group and offer their contributions to the holy person.