jasne rekhta


Jashn-e-Rekhta is a three-day festival held under the aegis of Rekhta. Devoted wholeheartedly to the preservation and promotion of the Urdu language, its literature and culture, Rekhta aims to bring this festival to one of the world’s most favoured events destination of Dubai.

The festival promises to be a cultural extravaganza dedicated to the celebration of Urdu language, its literature and culture. The exuberant and cosmopolitan communities of the United Arab Emirates have broadened the scope of Urdu as a popular medium of speech. This festival will be a treat for lovers of the language who will be able to enjoy Urdu’s beauty and versatility through the myriad art forms that the language lends itself to. The event will see splendid musical performances of ghazals and qawwalis by renowned artistes. Additional activities include dastangoi, panel discussions, poetry recitations and enriching conversations with celebrities.


Urs Khwaja Garib Nawaz

Urs Mubarak of HAZRAT KHWAJA GARIB NAWAZ (R.A.), Insha ALLAH begins from 1th of Rajjab.

We are glad to inform you that the 806th urs (Death Anniversary) of HAZRAT KHWAJA GARIB NAWAZ (R.A.) AULIA ALLAH will be held from 1st to 6th RAJJAB : English days (depending upon the visibility of Moon).

Urs Sharif Starts from 1th to 6th Rajjab

03rdMarch 2019 : FLAG CEREMONY.

9th March 2019 : URS BEGINS (Jannati Darwaza opens)

14th March 2019 : CHHATI SHARIF (Annual Fatiha Jannati Darwaza will be closed)

15th March 2019 : NAMAZ-E-JUMA

17th March 2018 : Bara QUL (FATIHA) DAY, END OF URS.

Urs is the death commemoration of a Sufi saint person in South Asia, generally held at the holy person’s dargah. In most Sufi requests, for example, Naqshbandiyyah, Suhrawardiyya, Chishtiyya, Qadiriyya, and so forth the idea of Urs exists and is praised with eagerness.

The aficionados allude to their holy people as admirers of God, the adored. Urs ceremonies are for the most part performed by the overseers of the sanctum or the current Shaikh of the silsila. The festival of Urs ranges from Hamd to Naat and as a rule incorporates the singing of religious music, for example, qawwali. The festival additionally includes nourishment foods, bazaar, and different sorts of shops.